Meet Clint & Whitney 


Our Story

Hello, we are Clint and Whitney.  Our love story began while working together at the local grocery store.  When we began dating we knew pretty quickly that we were going to be forever.  After dating two and a half years, we were engaged and married six months later in June of 2007.  After finishing our college degrees, we settled down in our hometown of 6,000 and recently built our forever home in 2015.

We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a house full of children!  In 2012, we were blessed with our son, Cason. He has added so much to our family but the desire to expand our family even further was and is still present.  We found the second time around was not as easy. We struggled for over three years with infertility. Throughout that time adoption was constantly on our minds and hearts.  After two rounds of failed fertility treatment, we stepped back, prayerfully decided to forego extended treatments, and embraced the Lord’s call on our hearts to adopt. We have so much love to give and desire the opportunity and privilege to bring a child/children into our home through adoption.

Clint works as an insurance agent just a couple short miles from our home.  He loves his job and has the flexibility to be present for all of Cason’s activities and achievements.  He loves to spend his time playing with Cason, date nights, woodworking, and being active outside. I work at the local community college just across town and near the elementary school.  I’m blessed with a position that allows for me to help serve our region while also fulfilling my desire to be a very present mom in my child’s life. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with Clint and Cason, working in the garden, being crafty, and enjoying the outdoors.  Cason is now 6 years old and cannot wait to be a big brother! We’ve seen in him for some time now the characteristics that would make him excellent for the job. He has a kind heart, has such an awareness for the feelings of the people around him, and never fails to make you laugh.  As the good big brother he will soon be he prays every night for God to be with his younger sibling and promises to “love them and hug them forever”.

As a family we enjoy our time together, being active outside, going on small adventures and yearly vacations, playing at the park, attending church events, cooking, getting together with family and friends, and also enjoying the quiet times of sitting on the back deck and talking about our day.  We are blessed with a big extended family that continues to grow. This has blessed Cason and our future children with a great amount of cousins to play with! We are also, fortunate to have all of our parents and grandparents close by. This has blessed us with willing and loving grandparents to love and care for our children while we are working.

We have so many family and friends who have adopted or are in the process of adopting. It is amazing to see how God has brought/is bringing their family together.  This will make for a wonderful community of peers for our adopted child/children to relate to and talk to about their experiences as they grow. We are so excited to be on this journey and cannot wait to see what the Lord has ahead for our family!

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