Meet Colin & Megan

Our Story

Hello! We are the Donnelly family and we love to love our life! We like the simple stuff and more importantly truly value quality time together. We live on a street full of young kids and are often outside playing or hosting Rory’s neighborhood friends. The summer is full of paddle boarding and playing at the lake, hiking, swimming at the pool, spending time with Grandparents (Nano and Papo) who live down the street and a trip to Hawaii most years to visit Colin’s dad, who we call Poppi. During the winter, it’s playing in the rain, maybe some snowboarding, and trips to the Kid’s Museum or places like that. Megan, Rory and friends visit Colin at the firehouse a lot. Every Sunday, we go to church and almost every Sunday, we have family dinner with Nano and Papo. Life is good, and we try hard to keep it easy, simple and make sure we enjoy our time together as a family.

Right now, we are Colin, Megan and Rory, but we are hoping and praying every day to add another baby to our family. We have felt called to adopt since the very beginning of our marriage, regardless of whether we had children of our own. As God would have it, we struggle a lot with infertility and have had multiple miscarriages. We do, however, have our daughter Rory, who we were blessed to have in December of 2015. Colin is a Firefighter Lieutenant with Seattle Fire Department and Megan is a Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine. It is important to us to serve others, to have a close family and to be involved. Our goal as parents has always been to be calm, fair, consistent and do everything we can to raise successful and happy kids.  We hope our home is always a fun and welcoming place that kids and friends want to visit. Colin and I work opposite of each other so that one of us is always home with our daughter. It’s important for us as parents to be very present in our children’s lives. We are believers and look forward to sending our kids to attend private, Christian school one day. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us a little, we are happy to answer any questions you have about our family.

Love, Colin & Megan

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