Meet Cedric & Laurel 


Our Story

Hi, and thanks for reading our adoption story. We are Cedric and Laurel. One of the fun things to know about us is that Cedric is from France and Laurel is from the USA. So, we speak both French and English in our home and we incorporate both French and American culture into our lifestyle. Another fun fact is that we met online; Laurel was living in Germany, at the time, and Cedric was in France. We were both in our 30’s and were so excited to finally have found the right person. A year after we met, we married in 2013. In 2015, we moved to the US and currently live in South Carolina. We both love Jesus and are very active in our church, which is a very diverse community. Laurel sings and Cedric plays drums on the worship team. We’ve both served in children’s ministry in the past. We both love kids.

From the beginning of our marriage, it was our desire to be parents. We lost our first child by miscarriage and experienced a hard time getting pregnant again. After a year and a half, we were so thankful to finally conceive, again. The pregnancy was really rough on Laurel, but God granted us a baby boy in 2016. He is growing into a sweet, loving little boy, and we know he will make a great big brother. Since we are now 40, and because of the issues Laurel faced in pregnancy, we decided that we’d like to grow our family more through adoption. Specifically, we’d like to adopt a baby girl.

Laurel here: While we were dating, one of the things that attracted me to Cedric was his kind and gentle manner with kids. Both with little ones and teens, I saw him easily approach and engage my friends’ kids. Also, I saw that he had a great relationship with his niece and nephews. Added to all of that, he loved me so well and in such a manner that made me feel secure. Cedric’s love for God and his family also helped convince me that I wanted to marry him. I knew that he would help me establish a loving and stable family. Now that we’re parents, I see Cedric is a fantastic dad. He loves to spend time with his son, and he is both gentle and wise as he loves and teaches our son.

Cedric here: I always saw Laurel involved with other kids around her (watching kids while the parents were on vacation, participating in different kids’ ministries…). When we were married, she wanted to be a mom. It was difficult to get pregnant after the miscarriage and when she was pregnant with our son, the pregnancy was hard, but she was already a mom. She was preparing everything before the birth; she thought of every detail. When our son was born, she became a “wonder mom.” She sees and feels everything; her maternal instinct is strong. She loves our son so much and teaches him so many things. She is constant and consistent in helping him develop and learn. And we make a great team in parenthood.

Thank you for considering us to parent your baby. It would be our great privilege to welcome your baby girl into our family. If you are interested, we would love to have an open adoption so that she can know her biological roots, as well as her biographical ones.

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