Meet Mark & Sonya

Our Story

Mark and I began dating in 2000 at the young ages of 17 and 18.  We attended college together and in 2006, we were married at the church where we met.  After college, Mark accepted a teaching position and has been an educator for the last 12 years.  We settled into our new adult lives and in 2009, we decided to start trying to have a family. After a year and a half, we were still not blessed with a baby and my doctor referred us for fertility treatments.  After 5 failed rounds of assisted reproduction, we prayed about our journey to become parents and found God began to open new doors for us. After years of being educators, godparents, and a loving aunt and uncle, we discovered that we are good at loving children even when they aren’t our own and that adoption is an opportunity for us provide a lifetime of love, support, and stability for a child that God has decided to place in our lives.  We are excited to be on the journey to fulfill our dreams of becoming parents!

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