Meet Zach & Emily

Our Story

Our names are Zachary and Emily. I am 25 and Zach is 23. We have been married since May 2017. Zach and I met in college. I knew pretty early on in dating that he was the one for me. He is the sweetest, most humble, gentle man I have ever met and is going to make such a great father one day. We just recently bought a house near Columbia, SC which means that we are close to so many great opportunities. We are near amenities such as River Bank Zoo, EdVenture Children's Museum, University of South Carolina and its sporting events, and the MLB Spirit Communications Park.

Zach is a fourth grade teacher and I am a daycare teacher with experience in infants up to 4K. During the school year when Zach is teaching we usually eat dinner together every night and take our dog Charlie for a walk. Charlie is a two year old Spaniel Mix who is the most affectionate dog there is. She is amazing with kids and just loves to be loved. We also have a seven year old cat who is just as loving and affectionate. During the summer when Zach has time off you can find us hanging out at my parent’s lake house just relaxing and enjoying spending time with the family. We also enjoy being outside; Zach loves to kayak and I enjoy lounging by the pool. We also love going to the movies, and going to football and baseball games. For vacations we usually go to the beach. Some of the things we enjoy doing at the beach are walking the beach, going to waterparks, shopping, and trying out new restaurants.

I am the youngest out of three. I have a sister who is 33 and is married with two kids; Griffin (7), and Ellie (3). My brother who is 28 isn’t married but has a steady girlfriend who has the sweetest girl; Ella (6). Zach and I love hanging out with our nieces and nephew and just adore taking them out to spend time with them. Zach has an older sister who is 25 and isn’t married nor does she have kids yet. We are very family orientated and love spending time with our friends and family. We love kids so much and can’t wait to have one of our own. I couldn’t imagine the strength you must have to have but we simply can’t thank you enough for being so brave.

The reason Zach and I have chosen adoption is because I have a heart condition and it is extremely risky to have kids of our own. The doctors have said that I can have a normal life with no restrictions. We actually found out in February of this year that we were expecting and in March we found out we had lost the baby. That was very hard for us to go through and still is but it has made us stronger in our marriage and faith. It has also shown us the strength that birth moms go through every day.

With your blessing, we would love to welcome your child into our hearts and home.  He or she will grow up knowing that they are loved and that you sacrificed so much to give them a wonderful life.  Thank you for considering us in your adoption plan.

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