Meet Trey & Kirbie


Our Story

A large family was always part of our plan. Even as teenagers, days after meeting for the first time, we discussed our shared desire for children.The Lord placed adoption on our hearts unexpectedly just a few months after we were married in 2013, and it became a sweet dream for the future. That future came in 2015 after I (Kirbie) gave birth to our son, Theo, and developed a heart condition that would make it unsafe for me to carry any more children. Through the challenges of that diagnosis, we clung to God’s promises and knew we were being called to adopt. With joyful (and perfectly healed and healthy!) hearts, we are excited to welcome a second child to our family through adoption!

My husband,Trey, serves as a Project Manager for a construction company. When he isn’t officially working, he is dreaming up new ideas for our beautiful home, a fixer-upper built in 1914. He loves sports, anything historical, and mozzarella sticks! I am living my lifelong dream of being a wife and mama. I spend a couple hours each week writing grants and fundraising from home for Children’s Cancer Connection, a local nonprofit agency, which was my full-time job before choosing to stay home with our son. I also find great joy in designing and maintaining our home. We love to open it up to family and friends as often as possible. I love bubble baths, taking Theo on field trips each week, and movie theater popcorn!

As a family, we love to travel, and we plan as many trips as possible throughout the year. We have tons of traditions, including our annual extended family vacation to Canada, lunch after church with Grandma and Grandpa, and an annual “bake-a-thon” each Christmas. We have a large family who can’t wait to love on another Seiser baby!

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