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Meet Tony & Dianne


Our Story

In March of 2013 we had our first official conversation that we were both ready to start a family! I remember that day so clearly as tears flooded both of our eyes as we talked about feeling ready to expand our family. We shared our hearts, our expectations, embraced and prayed that God would bless and grow our family. We decided that day that in a couple months we would begin trying. Months of trying turned into a year and no baby yet. A year turned into 2 and 2 years turned into 3 eventually turned into 4 years of trying but no baby. The excitement turned into heartache and months and years of difficulty. There were times where we thought we could be pregnant and would buy pregnancy tests only to be left disappointed by a negative result. The road of infertility is not an easy road but it has taught us to cling more closely to Jesus. It has taught us that even though "The heart of man plans his way, the Lord establishes his steps." Psalm 16:9

Before we were even married God had placed adoption on both of our hearts. In our plan we would have biological children first and then pursue adoption. In this last year God has opened our hearts to pursue adoption first and to lay down our plans of conceiving. He has given us so much excitement to pursue adoption and has given us so much peace knowing that at the end of this process we will hold in our arms our son or daughter. He has taught us so much through this journey and we can't wait to become parents!

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