Meet Steven & Alicia   


Our Story

Our love story began as a high school crush and quickly developed into a powerful friendship. We were married in October of 2001, after graduating college. We each began our careers and purchased a house together, working to make it a home.  Unfortunately, injuries from a bad car accident Alicia had in high school had caused unknown damage to her reproductive organs. We both wanted children and often we discussed options for growing our family.  

Miraculously, we were able to conceive a baby and although the pregnancy and delivery were riddled with difficulties, we were blessed with the birth of our daughter.  Unfortunately, a year later we would be forced to sacrifice the hope of a larger family in order to save Alicia's life.  

As our daughter grew and matured, we felt the strong desire to grow our family.  Together we considered all options, and finally began researching and exploring various paths to adoption. We joined a state waiting list and waited, and after years on the list, we received a call and prepared to take home a newborn baby girl.  We celebrated together as a family, but the celebration was short-lived because the adoption failed and we were back to square one. So here we are beginning our adoption journey again, and we are believing there is someone out there who will see us as the best family for their child.     

Alicia is a hard-working and compassionate individual with a special love for children.  She is a gifted educator and ignites a passion for learning in her students.  She enjoys the outdoors, sports, reading, crafting, baking, traveling, and all things science.  Steven is a strong leader and flawlessly devoted to his family.  He has excelled in his job with the Department of Transportation for seventeen years.  He enjoys the outdoors, grilling, history, science, sports, woodworking, and remodeling.  Amelia, our daughter, is thirteen years old.  She is an intelligent and generous young lady with a gift for music.  She enjoys many school enrichment opportunities, sports, crafts, books, and science. We enjoy spending time together and learning new things, and can't wait to add a new child to our home!


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