Meet Sam & Morgan 


Our Story

Hi, we are Sam and Morgan and we are so excited to be on this adoption journey together. We love being able to tell others our story and why we are so passionate about adoption. Our story of adoption is one where we have always known that we wanted to adopt. At the age of sixteen I was told that I would never be able to have children biologically. It wasn't long after that moment that God began placing adoption on my heart. Later on when we were dating, God began placing this call of adoption on us as a couple and continued to grow this desire in our marriage.

We have been praying over this call to adopt for many years. To us, adoption is a lifestyle, not just a one time event. We cannot imagine our life without this adoption journey and this is only the beginning. We have this love for our future child and their birth mom that words honestly cannot describe.

We have chosen to adopt first and foremost because God has called us to adoption. We began this adoption process a little less than a year ago through researching adoption agencies. I remember just feeling frustrated towards the end of this process for many various reasons. I remember continuously praying just asking God to show us where He wanted us. One night I was reading an adoption blog and saw a reference to Quiver Full Adoptions and something different just stood out. Through just a few emails back and forth it was as if we could hear God saying 'this is where I want you'.

So far this process has been incredible and we have continuously seen so many God moments through the love of others. I could never have anticipated the amount of people that have embraced us in this journey and have been praying over this future little one of ours. We truly cannot wait to begin building our family through adoption.

Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593