Meet Ruskin & Melissa

Our Story

Each and every day, we look forward to the moment that our dream of adoption becomes reality.  We have been a family of two for a little over 6 years now and could not be more hopeful, ready, and excited to add to that number.  

We both grew up in small towns with big families.  Our parents and grandparents taught us both from an early age about love, trust, honesty, and hard work.  We enjoyed childhoods out in the summer sun and playing in the winter cool, doing chores, surrounded by our siblings and cousins.  To this day, we admire our parents for the way they raised us. They provided for us, but didn’t spoil us. They encouraged us, but didn’t force us.  They gave us security, but didn’t limit us. One of our favorite sayings in regard to parenting is, “Wings to show what you can become, roots to remind you where you’re from.”

Our wings brought us together, but when we were first married, it took time to learn and understand how to have all those roots and wings under one roof.  We knew that we were not ready to add to our family at the very beginning. However, there was one day early on that Melissa mentioned her desire to adopt.  Since we still needed to devote time to each other, the idea of children and adoption was placed on hold. As our love grew, we realized that it was time to share that love with a child.  We were both interested in adoption, but after reviewing information online, we quickly got overwhelmed. There are so many resources out there, and we were not sure where to even start. We decided that it would be worth it to try and conceive on our own.  We attempted to achieve a healthy pregnancy for two years, during which time we suffered three miscarriages. We grieved and struggled a lot during that period, but gained strength and were led back to adoption. Through a friend of a friend, we found out about Quiver Full Adoptions.  The connection that we felt after contacting them took away the sense of chaos that engulfed us before. We were given direction, have taken steps forward, and are so EXCITED to grow our family through adoption.

Back to our roots, we have made our life together in a small town.  We look forward to sharing the love and lessons that our parents gave us.  We grew up with families that made us feel special. Through our commitment to each other, we show each other that we are special.  We will make sure that this child knows that he or she is very special and very loved. We will teach compassion and kindness, good ethics and morals, diligence and the importance of hard work, strength and confidence.  We will play outside and travel to new places. We will encourage education and give everything in our power to allow this child to reach his or her goals. We will provide a foundation for this child to live a happy and fulfilled life.  We will give this beautiful child roots and wings. We appreciate you taking time to check us out!

Meet my husband (in wife’s words).

Ruskin is my husband and my best friend.  He is a family man and enjoys spending time with those close to him.  I absolutely love the love that he has for me and for family. He is a devoted son, supportive brother, and fun uncle.  He is an amazing friend, the kind who stops what he is doing in order to go help another. He is giving and compassionate about his community.  He is outgoing and confident. He is a business professional with a strong work ethic and dedication to doing the right thing. He is thoughtful, taking time to leave sweet notes for me around the house or in my lunchbox.  He is relaxed and laid back, able to take things in stride. He knows how to take time out of the day to enjoy positive moments and reminds me to do the same. He likes to listen to music, go to concerts, play guitar, work in the yard, do home construction projects, cook, and travel.  He has a great sense of humor and can make me laugh at the silliest things. I admire him and I respect him. He is strong, and he reassures and supports me whatever the challenge. I am so thankful that my life has been blessed with his presence. Because of his commitment to family, I know that he will be an involved father.  He will sing and tell stories. He will listen and have patience. He will give hugs and understanding. He will be a great dad.

Meet my wife (in husband’s words).

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Melissa.  In that moment, I knew that this woman had to be a part of my life.  With time, we were able to establish a friendship and later a relationship.  I learned that she is very family-oriented, compassionate, intelligent, and driven.  There are not many women who possess as much class and ambition as she has. I am amazed by her every day, especially at how much she accomplishes in the face of working long hours and taking care of the lion share of the house work.  Melissa is an old soul. She saves, reuses, and doesn’t like to waste anything. She still carries a checkbook and balances it monthly. She limits screen time and instead reads or dabbles with home art projects. She also likes to exercise, work in the garden, listen to music, and visit with family and friends.  Melissa will be an excellent mother. She is very attentive, responsible, and nurturing. I can already see her holding a child in her lap, getting up with them in the middle of the night, doing crafts with them at home, and playing with them outside. I could not imagine myself raising a child with anyone else.

Fun facts.

  • We got engaged in Ireland.

  • We honeymooned in the Caribbean.

  • We have a 6-year-old Ragdoll cat named Binkie.

  • Ruskin lived in Alaska for a year after high school.

  • We have fun trying new restaurants.

  • We like to sit on our front porch after work (weather-permitting!) and talk about our day.

  • We have 6 nieces and nephews.

  • Our favorite place to eat is a French restaurant about an hour from our house.

  • Our birthdays are only 3 days apart.

  • Melissa likes to create colorful and artistic wreaths for our front door.

  • We take a trip every year to celebrate our anniversary.

  • We try to read a devotion with scripture each night before going to sleep.

  • We eat a lot of ice cream.

  • We would like to one day purchase a camper to take on vacations.

  • Our goal for our child is to feel loved, special, supported, and happy.

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