Meet Ricky & Courtney


Our Story

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us! We are Ricky and Courtney, and we met through mutual friends thirteen years ago and started dating soon after that. We have been married for almost eight years now and adopted our perfect baby boy two years ago.

Early in our relationship, before we were even engaged, we talked about our hopes and dreams of being able to adopt one day in our future. We knew that we absolutely wanted to grow our family in this way at some point, but we weren’t sure when that would be or what that may look like. When we found out that it would be difficult for us to have children biologically, it was an easy decision for us to not pursue any kind of fertility treatments or medical intervention because God had already given us both a desire and a heart for adoption. After we adopted our son, we were so thankful for our fertility struggles because if we had not experienced them, we most likely would not have been blessed with our little man. We don’t want to imagine our lives without him. We would love to continue to grow our family and can’t wait to meet the next perfect little blessing that we might be so lucky to love.

All About Ricky: When I (Courtney) first met Ricky almost thirteen years ago, I was immediately drawn to him because of his sense of humor and love for life. He was always laughing and joking around, and his smile was contagious. In addition to his fun side, I soon learned that he was the most patient person. He doesn't allow anything to stress him out, and he always has an optimistic outlook on everything, no matter what the situation is. He is compassionate, kind, and selfless. He is an amazing husband and father. I feel so blessed to have him in our lives.

Ricky loves being outside and will never miss an opportunity to get out and enjoy nature. His perfect weekend would involve going to the mountains to go camping and getting to spend time fishing, kayaking, or going on a hike then grilling out at night and making a campfire to enjoy. When we're at home he likes to grill out -- every night is a good night for steak as far as he is concerned. We often spend time together on the back deck when the weather is nice then get a fire going in the firepit once the sun goes down. He also loves to do woodworking in the garage. He can build just about anything he can dream up. He is definitely a “man’s man,” but he is a big softy at heart, so we have the best of both worlds with him.

All About Courtney: Courtney is the brains of our marriage. She has an amazing desire for learning. If she could get paid to go to school, she would. This is probably why she recently switched careers to become a high school math teacher. She finished her undergraduate classes in three years and immediately went to graduate school, completing her master’s degree in two years while working. She excels in academics, as well as anything else she does, and I am ecstatic to have her in my life.

Courtney enjoys running outdoors, and our son loves going on jogs around the neighborhood in his stroller and waving at all the neighbors. Another one of Courtney’s favorite things is food, so after their runs together, she enjoys cooking dinner for us followed by relaxing -- whether it's an evening on the couch watching our son build block towers, hanging out with me on back deck when the weather's nice, playing in the backyard, or building a fire in the fire pit. Courtney LOVES dogs. If she could have it her way, she would rescue every puppy she lays her eyes on from six weeks old to fifteen years old. She has a great heart and "puppies" certainly hold a big piece of it. Another one of Courtney’s passions is traveling, and she plans vacations like nobody's business. When she is "bored," I will receive emails of different locations where she wants to visit. We must have about fifty places to go on the list so far. Her favorite places always include a beach and sun. She loves being at the beach while reading a book. Although, I think she would visit Disney World every year if I would agree to that. Marrying Courtney and adopting our son are the two best things that have ever happened to me. I look forward to seeing what is in store for our future.

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