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Hello there! We're the Wysongs.

We are so glad you stopped by to hear our story!

I guess you could say it all started when we met in college and became instant best friends. We fell in love and were married in December of 2014. We spent the next few years traveling, going on innumerable adventures, growing a business from the ground up, raising two corgis (Waffles + Meeko), and buying our first home together. It was then that we decided to add another piece to the puzzle – a baby! After trying for a while, we felt compelled to pursue adoption rather than seek medical assistance. It had always been a part of our plan, we just didn't realize it would be our first stop. We announced our decision to family and friends and were overwhelmed by all the love and excitement. We are now waiting on pins and needles to meet the baby that will someday be a part of our little family.


Nic + Whitney


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