Meet Nathan & Dana

Our Story

We officially met in July of 2006 on a double date with my friend who thought we would be a good match, although I questioned the idea since I was working for Nathan’s father at the time.  We didn’t really “hit it off” on that date, but somehow ended up going on a second date anyway which went really well. We got engaged in 2010 and married in April 2011 in Key West, Florida surrounded by close friends and family. Over the years we have moved a couple of times to different parts of beautiful Virginia due to Nathan’s job with the parks. 

Nathan always thought he would be a father, but it has been more recently that I also felt a little someone may be missing from our life.  We are happy to have been able to do some international traveling, spending time together as a couple and also becoming more stable financially before starting to build our family, but now, we are ready and waiting to become parents.  We daydream about our next chapter together with a child and all the added fun and love a little one would bring to ours and our families' lives.   

We have never really had a preference for having biological children, or questioned our love for a child that doesn't share our DNA.  After experiencing a miscarriage, we began to feel a burden to adopt.  We look forward to sharing our life and love with a child and hope to have an open relationship with their first family because we know how beneficial this can be for everyone.

My mom made an adoption plan after finding out she was pregnant at 19, while she was in basic training in the army. My sister has recently made contact with us, and we are very excited and plan to all get together and meet for the first time this summer!

We have always felt that adoption was a wonderful way to grow a family and we look forward to sharing our love and adventures with a child!

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