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Our Story

Hi, we’re Michael and Jamie!

Our hearts are pounding with excitement and emotion as we start on this journey of adoption. We know the decisions you face are hard, and we want you to know that we will be there to support you with whatever you decide. We both love kids and are eager to become parents. This is not something we would be able to do on our own, as we suffer from infertility. After being diagnosed, we prayed and decided our path was to pursue adoption.

Michael and I met seven years ago when I worked at the local gym in town. Michael came in and slipped me his phone number before he left, and we have now been married for four years in May. We are surrounded by an amazingly supportive family and any child will be loved, cherished, and probably a bit spoiled by them. Michael’s parents live closeby, and his mom plans on retiring to babysit for us during the day. On Sunday, after church, we like to go to Michael's parents' house and have supper, spend time on their farm, and play dominoes.

I (Jamie) work at a nonprofit preschool for low income families called Head Start. I love my job, and I do anything from helping our teachers obtain their degree to being in the classroom and teaching everything about tooth brushing and the ABC's. Michael works for Modine Manufacturing Company. He is also currently working on his degree and will graduate in the spring of 2018!

We live in a great neighborhood, next to a town park and aquatic center. We are also a few minutes away from the state park in our area. We like to kayak and grill out with friends and family on the weekends.

We want to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We will respect you as the birth mother, and we are honored for you to consider us. We know the next few months are going to be hectic with hard decisions, but we also know and believe that God’s plans for you and your child are for His glory and your joy.


Michael and Jamie


Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593