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 Meet Marcel & Brittany

Our Story

Hello, we are Brittany & Marcel! We are both very compassionate people in everything we do in our daily lives. I own an online baby boutique making anything from small organic teething toys to sewing and decorating an entire baby nursery! My husband works for a company making parts for a variety of cars.  He has always had a passion for cars so he thoroughly enjoys what he does. When we aren’t working, we love shopping, lake trips, and traveling to Charleston, SC, where we got married! Our back story started in January 2010. We met at the beginning of January and knew from the start that we would be together forever. We both had all the same goals and dreams for the future! We wanted to be financially stable, buy a house, and raise children in a loving and caring home and we didn’t waste any time doing just that. We bought our first house in 2010, were engaged by 2011. We got married in 2012 on September the 15th! We had the most amazing wedding that we could have ever asked for!  After that, we decided we immediately wanted to start a family; however, things didn’t go as planned. We had tried for quite awhile to conceive naturally but nothing ever happened and we started to get worried. We spoke with a few doctors about the problems we were having and decided to do an exploratory surgery to see what might be going on. After surgery, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Endometriosis. It had completely eaten my fallopian tubes, which carry your eggs from your ovaries to your uterus. We were devastated, we had no idea what to do next. The doctor suggested sending us to a specialist to see what could be done. My doctor suggested In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).  After explaining the entire process, we had hope again and were so excited for what God had in store for us, we thought this was it! We thought we would finally be able to become parents. I will admit IVF was very difficult. All the medicine, shots, and hormones really took a toll on us, but we were reminded that the outcome would make it all worth it. We remember embryo transfer day, where we had to wait 2 weeks to get our results. Day 12 came, and it was “I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Neuhaus but your embryos didn’t take, you’re not pregnant”. Again, we were devastated but we knew that we still had some viable frozen embryos so we could try again. The doctor recommended that he would another surgery to clean out anymore build-up from the endometriosis.  So we went through with it. A few months later we were ready to try again. It had failed once again! We had to step away from the situation, the doctor had told us he didn’t know what else to do. Those few months after the second IVF had failed, we became very sad and disappointed. I think I cried every single day, but we never lost our faith in God. We both told each other that maybe it wasn’t the right time, let’s travel, let’s just have fun and enjoy life. We’ll worry about becoming parents later, and that’s exactly what we did. We traveled Europe, we bought a boat and enjoyed the lake just about every weekend. One day while getting groceries at our local Publix, I saw a childhood friend, she is actually a pharmacy technician and I was there picking up a prescription along with my groceries.  She asked how I had been, if we had any kids and I decided to tell her a little bit about what had happened the past couple of years. She said “Have you ever thought about adoption?” I told her we have but we have no idea where to start. I don’t know anything about it. She replied, “ I need to get you in touch with the Quiver Full Adoption girls. We just adopted and now have a 6 month old.” She showed me some pictures of her little girl and I broke down in tears. I said, “Please give me all the information you have, I would like to find out more!” I went home and told my husband about the conversation I had just had with an old friend. His eyes lit up with happiness. He said “Let’s do it, call them tomorrow and get some more information.” So that’s what we did. We firmly believe that God has led us to this point and we are so excited to become parents!  Thank you for taking the time to read our story and please share it with everyone you know!

Brittany + Marcel

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