Meet Luis & Katie

Our Story

Luis and I have been married for eight years. We talked about our desire to have a large family early on in our relationship. I (Katie) was told from a young age that I would most likely have trouble having kids so you can imagine our surprise when we had a positive pregnancy test exactly five months after our wedding day. We were shocked and overjoyed. Greyson entered the world and our lives have never been the same. Our second son, Liam, didn’t come as easily. We waited and struggled for a long time to have him. After he was born, we also experienced two miscarriages. People have asked us if we are adopting because we had trouble getting pregnant or because of our miscarriages. The answer is no. We are adopting because the Lord has given us a heart that understand the call and beauty of adoption. He has shown us through his word, our community and various circumstances that He will grow our family through adoption.

During a trip to visit friends of ours who had just adopted their first son I was amazed as I watched a tangible picture of the Gospel in front of my very eyes. I saw a child being fully adopted into a family with such love, just like God adopts us into His family. The Lord did something in my heart during that trip. When I got home I said to Luis, “I think we should adopt.” And in a way that only the Lord could orchestrate, Luis was completely ready for me to say that. He had been doing the same thing in Luis’ heart even though he had never spoken a word of that to me.

And so we said “YES!”, tucked that decision into a folder and filed it under “future plans.” Adoption isn’t our backup plan.... it’s something we said yes to years ago. It's part of God’s original plan for our family and we are excited to be right where we are - where any day we will be adding a sweet blessing to our family.

We recognize that this journey may be hard but we also know that the most joyful and safest place to be is in the center of God’s will and we desire nothing more than to obey God and His plan for our family. We’re trusting Him to take care of each person in our adoption story and to continue weaving a story that always points back to Him. All four of us are anxious to bring a sweet baby into our home to love forever.

If you’re reading this and considering us as part of your adoption plan, know that we are praying for you and excited about the possibility to get to know you or answer any questions you may have. Please reach out to us by phone, text or email. We would love to talk to you!