Meet Lee & Becca


Our Story

Lee and Becca have spent their lives loving children in their families and friend circles, as well as in their professional lives. In the early years of their marriage they both worked in local schools – Lee as a 4thgrade teacher, and Becca as a counselor. Their professions gave them the chance to love and impact the lives of children every day, and made them even more excited to have children calling them mom and dad.

Lee and Becca have been married for almost 12 years and are still chasing their dream of having children. Lee’s own father was killed in a tragic accident when Lee was in elementary school, and he began looking forward to being a dad himself one day. Their journey has taken them through years of waiting, unsuccessful infertility treatments and now to adoption.

Some dreams don’t come true quickly, but their faith has kept them focused on what is most important. Lee and Becca have continued to love and serve children and families with joy. Their careers have afforded them the opportunity to impact the lives of thousands of children. Lee is an elementary principal and Becca is counselor for children and adolescents.  Adoption is an opportunity to bring their love of other people’s children full circle. They are looking forward to living their dream of being parents with joy and love. 

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