Meet Kurt & Melissa


Our Story

Hello, we are Kurt and Melissa!

Our journey to adoption began seven years ago when we started dating. Due to medical complications in my (Melissa’s) early 20’s, I was left unable to have biological children. When Kurt and I met, I knew he was my forever, so I have always been open with him about this. We always knew we would have a family, we just weren’t sure how. As the years passed, we started discussing adoption. Shortly after our wedding, we felt the time was right to start the process of becoming parents, and we couldn’t be more excited!

A little about us—we love to travel and plan to take our children all over the world with us, so they can learn all about different cultures and ways of life. We are huge animal lovers, so our children will always have a furry companion to play with. We live in a very family friendly town where the beach is across the street, there’s always lots of fun activities to do, and we are zoned for the best schools. Kurt loves sports, especially baseball, and has already starting coaching little league. Kurt recently started a small business and currently works in the evenings in the service industry, allowing him to be home during the days with family. I am in graduate school for marriage and family therapy and have dreams to open my own private practice one day. Both of our careers will provide us the time to be home to care for our family and allow us to live a comfortable lifestyle. Kurt purchased our forever home in 2005 and after years of renovations, we are so excited to finally grow into it!

We now know that adoption was always in the cards for us, even when we didn’t realize it. We can’t wait to become parents and provide a loving, stable, nurturing, and fun life for our child.

-Kurt and Melissa

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