Meet Kevin & Samantha


Our Story

When Kevin and I met in a chat room the night before Christmas Eve of 2000, we had an instant connection. Weeks later, as we continued to talk and “date” long distance we knew we had found “the one” in one another and felt God calling us together. When we met, Kevin was a freshman in college in Florida, and I was a senior in high school in North Carolina, so our dating was limited to long phone conversations, dreaming of a future together, and frequent trips to visit one another. After one year and two months of dating, we made our first dream together come true, and we officially tied the knot in February 2002.

Right away, we knew we wanted children to fill our house and hearts with love and laughter. We also knew we wanted to wait a few years to have those children so we could grow closer together in our relationship with one another and in our relationship with God. Kevin joined the Air Force, and we made our first cross-country move from North Carolina to Montana. What an adventure it was! The Big Sky country was beautiful and we loved the years we had together there, establishing a firm relationship together and making new friends along the way.

After being married for about two years, we decided we were ready to grow our family. We continued to wait on the Lord to bless us with a baby. Year after year, we waited, and I started to think maybe having children was not in God’s plan for us. Kevin became the bedrock for me to lean on as he stayed strong in his faith that God would provide us with our hearts’ desires. We made two more moves with the Air Force and now love the area we live in South Carolina.

While we waited on God’s timing for a child, we grew our household with our beloved fur-babies. We love dogs, which is an understatement! During our almost 16 years, we have had the blessing of having 6 dogs in our home. Lady, our first, was a Shih-Poo we got right after we were married and she was like a child to us. She was our little princess and she was a blessing to us for 13 years. Kairi, our spunky Tibetan spaniel, is 12 years old and loves to bark at the mailman. We also have a 10 year old black lab mix, named Lucky, who I call my “gentle giant.” He’s so laid back and loving. Jesa was our retired Military Working Dog whom Kevin adopted after being her partner for 4 years. She was the sweetest German shepherd who enjoyed living the retired life on her own couch with her own toys. We had to say goodbye to her in 2015. JoJo is our little prince, who is a Tibetan spaniel mix that we helped rescue as a stray. He is around 5 years old and loves to cuddle. Last to bless our home is our Husky-Shepherd mix, named Daisy. She is almost 2 years old and loves to run laps in the backyard, guzzle water, and then lay down and cuddle.

Finally, after years of adopting dogs and trying to conceive with unexplained infertility, we felt God calling us to adopt a baby, without fur! We are so excited to be parents, and we know God will direct the paths of all who join us on this adoption journey. We have the love and support of our family, close friends, and church family to walk with us and pray for us during this time.


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