Meet Justin & Kathryn


Our Story

Hello, we’re Justin and Kathryn! We met in college during freshman year and have a sweetheart kind of story. We’re best friends and will celebrate our 10 year anniversary next summer. We enjoy being home, watching TV shows, reading, cooking, and having friends over.

We always knew we wanted two or three kids, but didn’t know early on how we would get there. A few years into our marriage, through prayer, we realized that we wanted to start trying to add children to our family. We didn’t get pregnant and after meeting with doctors, we learned that it would be hard for us to have biological children. Through friends at church who had recently adopted, God was shifting our mindset so that the desire to have children outweighed the desire to be pregnant. It was a relief to leave the infertility treatments behind and move toward adoption.

Adoption brought its own pain to our story – a failed placement and lots of unknowns – but it also brought the best gift! Our son Roland was adopted 3 years ago and there couldn’t be a more perfect fit for our family even if we shared DNA. We truly believe that God knits families together. We also love the big family we gained through adoption. Openness has allowed us to answer questions when they come up and enjoy growing new relationships. We firmly believe that openness is best. We want to adopt because we want to grow our family again, and we believe adoption is how the Lord is calling us to do so.

We thought the best way for you to get to know us is by describing one another, so here goes!

Kathryn: Justin can be described as a helper. He serves me so well and always pitches in around the house. He uses his many gifts to help others by fixing computers, teaching Sunday school, and hosting friends for dinner. While he is introverted, he is an amazing conversationalist and listens well. He’s sweet, an amazing daddy, a loving husband, and dependable and stable to my crazy. I always say that Justin is the nicer one, and he will someday have many jewels in his crown for putting up with me.

Justin: Kathryn is one of the hardest working women I know. She pours herself into whatever she sets her mind to. She is fiercely loyal to her family and her friends. She is a joyful servant to others. In the kitchen, Kathryn is a wonderful cook and baker. Recently, she has pushed me (an introvert) to open our home to friends and acquaintances. It has been a blessing to see her use her gifts and talents to love on others. Kathryn is the fun parent who isn’t afraid to pull out the paint or put on old clothes to jump in the mud. She brings much excitement to our little family's life.

Thank you for learning a little about us. We’re continuing to pray for the child and future relationships the Lord has instore for us. Blessings!

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