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Meet Josh & Rachel

Our Story

Hello! We are Josh and Rachel.

We met in college during a snowy Minnesota winter. Josh was a sophomore, Rachel was a freshman. Our friend circles intertwined and, after spending some time together on campus, we went out on our first date. Ice skating! Over hot chocolate, we talked about our families and our similar hopes for the future. We have been together ever since.

After we were married in 2005, we were eager to start a family! Our dream had always been to have a house filled with children. Months and then years went by and we were unable to become pregnant. After briefly considering infertility treatments, we decided that path was not the right one for us to take. Rachel’s family had been touched by adoption in various ways and the desire to adopt was planted in her heart as a young girl. After a few conversations, we both knew that adoption was the way that our family would grow!

In September of 2009, we crossed an ocean to meet our son, Josiah, in his amazing birth country. We loved him before we met him and finally holding him in our arms was the greatest moment of our lives! Even though we have not had the privilege of meeting his brave birth mother, we do know that she hoped for him to have a beautiful, happy life in a loving family. We strive to give that to our son every single day in the home we have created. Josiah is our joy and his sweet spirit leaves a stamp on many hearts. We know he will thrive in his new role as a big brother. He cannot wait!

Our desire in our daily life and work is to love others well. Josh serves as the pastor of our church and spends his days sharing the love of Jesus with people throughout the community. He is a friend to everyone, and his nonstop energy has him playing tennis and coaching Josiah’s little league team in his free time. Rachel is thankful for the blessing and life-long dream of being a stay-at-home mom to our son. As a teacher, she has the flexibility to teach English part-time from our home. She volunteers in Josiah’s school classroom and is the leader of a fun, local moms group where she is known as “Miss Rachel” to the young children in our town. As a family, we are always ready for adventure, and we equally enjoy simple days together at home.  

Our life together isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful. We’re ever grateful for the gift we have in each other. God has blessed our family and we have room in our hearts and home for more children. Our village of dear friends and family is supporting us as we eagerly await the joy of knowing and adoring our next child and their unique, wonderful, amazing qualities. We so look forward to seeing how God’s plan unfolds.

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