Meet Josh & Kaila


Our Story

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. We know this decision cannot be easy for you, and we want you to know that we think you are strong, brave, and a true blessing. We have a deep love for our future child and are excited to welcome a little one into our home.

Josh and I met in high school and it was love at first sight. We were married 6 years after we started dating and immediately started trying for a family. We soon realized it wasn’t going to be easy for us. After a year of trying on our own, we looked to fertility medicines. I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Eventually after countless doctors visits, multiple rounds of medicines, shots, procedures, and lots of tears, I was then diagnosed with unexplained infertility. That's when we knew we had been going about this all wrong. We were going by what we wanted and not what God wanted. We both, for a very long time, felt the call to adopt.

Josh and I are very involved in church. We both are youth leaders and work with junior high and high school kids. Children are a big part of our lives as well. We have 1 niece and 3 nephews who we love to spoil rotten by taking them to play putt-putt, ride rides at amusement parks, or to get ice cream. We also live near lots of parks and lakes where we take them to play, swim, and feed the ducks during the summer. This is something we look forward to sharing with our children someday.

Our families are huge! Both of our families live very close by to us. Every holiday is celebrated to the fullest. Birthdays, no matter your age, are celebrated by a party of some sort along with cake, ice cream, and presents! We are looking forward to the day that we can celebrate our little one! Every Halloween, we throw a huge costume party and everyone comes and brings a dish. We laugh and eat until we can't hold any more, and then we usually end the night by sitting around a bonfire roasting marshmallows and laughing some more. Christmas is our most favorite time of the year, especially Josh’s. We put up a tree that takes up all the windows in our living room, decorated with special ornaments, and hundreds of twinkling lights. He goes all out! Even outside, our roof is lined with icicle lights and our walk way is lined with candy canes. And frosty is set up waving to drivers as they ride by. We have traditions that we carry out with each grandparent, parent, aunts, and uncles that we are excited to share with our children some day.

It is our hope that by learning more about our family, you will understand the deep love and bond that we share as a family of our own. We look forward to the day that our children will be able to share in that relationship, and we can begin new traditions with each other!

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