Meet Jonathan & Bridgette

Our Story

Once upon a time, two best friends fell in love.  That’s the way our story will start if we ever get around to writing a book! 

We met through a mutual friend in school who put us on the phone together.  we still think she absolutely knew what she was doing when she did that!  We became friends and talked all the time about everything!  The crazy thing was that, at the time, we lived in two different states and never saw each other in person!  We only talked on the phone.  Well, some time later, Bridgette was talking about a bad experience she had with some guy she was talking to, and Jonathan said, “I’m going to come see you and show you that not all guys are bad.”  True to his word, Jonathan drove seven hours to meet Bridgette in person and they started dating by that December.  A few months later, in March, Jonathan proposed!    In September we got married!  We just told people, when you know you know and there is no reason for a long engagement!  That was almost twelve years ago!

After the first year of marriage, we decided to start trying to get pregnant.  After months and months of nothing, we decided to get some answers.  Several doctors and fertility clinics later, we found out that Bridgette has a chromosomal problem which affects all of her hormones.  

We started talking about adoption even when we were dating!     Bridgette has three adopted brothers and we are very proudly a transracial family!  So, we always knew it was a path we wanted to pursue!  Both of our families are very excited and open to any baby we bring into our family!

We have two fur babies, Clark (a black and white greyhound mix) and LilyMae (a black and white chihuahua/jack Russell mix).  They are the best brother and sister doggies ever!  

We love to travel and we do travel as much as we can!  Just recently, we went to Europe for two weeks and got to see Bridgette’s grandmother who lives in France!

Bridgette is a full-time photographer who specializes in newborn, maternity, and family photography.  We have a studio attached to our home and newborn sessions are Bridgette’s absolute favorite!  So, probably every moment of the sweet child that comes into our family’s life will be photographed!  And of course shared with everyone!  Also, being a full time photographer, means Bridgette gets to work from home and also travel for sessions sometimes!  

Jonathan is a personal trainer at a kickboxing gym and also does music production when he can!  He of course also helps the photography business all the time too!  His passions are music, working out, serving God, and being the best Uncle in the entire world.

Between both of us, we have three nieces and one nephew.  Our nephew is a HUGE part of our lives!  He stayed at home with us during the day until he started school.  And we pick him up every day from school and of course attend all of his school functions.  He even has his own room here at our house!  Bridgette’s sister and our nephew live just down the street from us and we are very close!  His nickname is Monster and he is going to be the best big cousin the world has ever seen!  He will be like a brother!  

We love our church, Elevation, and we love to volunteer as much as can in any community outreach events!  We even spend our summers volunteering anywhere and everywhere we can!  Monster loves to invite his friends to come with us!

We are so incredibly excited about this journey and welcoming a sweet precious child into our family!  We have so much love to give and so many family and friends that can’t wait to share the love as well!  

Thank you so much for taking the time to hear our story!  We would love to hear from you!

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