Meet John & Wendy


Our Story

Hello! We’re John and Wendy, and thank you for taking time to read about us. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share our hearts with you!

My husband, John, is truly a wonderful man and father. He loves college football, working on his car, racing bikes, and playing with our two boys. He is a chiropractor and is very passionate about helping others. While he loves what he does, he makes his family a priority. He only works three and a half days a week, so we have long family weekends every week. We feel so blessed to be able to have so much time together.

My name is Wendy. I love spending time with friends, working out, and being with my family. I have a degree in psychology and before having children, I worked as a social worker. Currently, I stay at home and homeschool our boys. Our days are full of opportunities, such as weekly homeschool group gatherings, racing bikes, gymnastics classes, church activities, and family trips.

John and I met in 1998, when he was in chiropractic school and I was graduating high school. His mom actually introduced us, and we began dating a few months later.  We both knew soon after we met that we were in love and wanted to spend our lives together. After three years of dating, we got married in 2001. It has now been almost 16 years, and I can honestly say that we have fallen more in love throughout our years together.   

Our desire to have children has not been without challenges, as we have gone through five miscarriages over the years. God has blessed us with two precious boys, Elijah (9) and Garrett (5). A couple years after Garrett’s birth, we knew our family still felt incomplete. Adoption had already touched our lives in many ways. I was adopted as a baby and have experienced firsthand the gift of adoption. I was in foster care for a few months before God placed me in my parents’ arms. I knew as a young girl that I wanted to adopt a child, as adoption has been a part of who God made me. As a couple, we have always known that we would grow our family through adoption, and we know that God has perfect timing in this journey.

We realize that choosing adoption requires tremendous strength and courage but also sadness and loss. Please know that we are praying for complete peace and wisdom for all the decisions you will face. What a blessing it would be to welcome you and your child into our lives! Again, thank you for taking the time to get a glimpse of our family.

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