Meet Jon & Alison 


Our Story

We are so excited about our journey of growing our family through adoption. We have been married for twelve years, and we knew from the very beginning that children would be an important part of our lives together. We had our daughter in 2008 and our son in 2010. We were already blessed with two wonderful children, but we still felt like our family was incomplete. At that point, God placed a desire in our hearts to pursue adoption and planted a seed for the future He had in store for our family. We immediately knew when we decided to grow our family that adoption was meant for us. What we didn’t know, however, was the timing for this. We visited the conversation over the years as our desire grew, but God really laid it strong on our hearts this year. We began to pray about it and truly seek God’s will for our family. He continued to open doors and provide answers, clarifying the growth of our family through adoption. Thankfully, we are now fully on the path to adoption, and we are thrilled to welcome the newest little member to our family!

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