Meet Joe & Jennifer

Our Story

Just a little bit about us…

Our story starts way back in middle school with a small crush.  A few years later we began dating our sophomore year of high school and we have been best friends ever since.  Meeting so young gave us lots of time to dream about our future, which included lots of children! After 6 year of dating we got married in 2005.  Joe was still in school at Virginia Tech at the time so we lived in Blacksburg, VA for a couple of years (Go Hokies!). We eventually moved up to northern VA where Joe got his first job as a Landscape Architect and Jennifer started working at the National Council For Adoption.  This is where a seed was planted to open our hearts to adoption. We were introduced to all of the amazing blessings that adoption can bring to every person involved. Seeing God’s hand in the many ways that He creates families is so beautiful. Yet, we had not gotten the signal from Jesus to move in that direction.  After our first miscarriage we struggled with infertility for a few years. We finally became pregnant and our daughter, Lucy was born in 2012! She is the most amazing little person and we thank God everyday for letting us be her parents. Another miscarriage followed…this time twins. Through all of this we continued to be faithful, thanking God for the incredible blessing of our daughter, Lucy, but continued to pray that He would bless us with more children.  Adoption slowly started to enter our thoughts more and more, yet we did not feel that pull from our Lord and we were not going to move forward with anything unless we heard Him speak to us. Then one day, it happened… Jesus spoke to us! It was absolutely a miraculous moment and we knew exactly what we were meant to do.

We are so excited that Jesus opened our eyes to this beautiful journey!  We are very pro-life, and we understand the incredible sacrifice that a birthmother makes when she chooses life for her child.  It is so humbling to imagine a expectant mother entrusting us with the care of her child. Giving that child a happy and healthy life is something that we feel we are meant to do.

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