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Meet Jeremy & Tracy

Our Story

     Our story began in high school. Jeremy was a sophomore and Tracy was a junior—just 15 years old. A friendship turned to love. We dated through high school…you know making memories that would last a lifetime. A few years after graduating we were married in May 1996. We spent 7 wonderful years helping raise our nieces; that’s when we decided we wanted to start our own family. However, God had different plans for us. We wanted to make our relationship stronger and draw us closer to Him. After trying for a year we decided to talk with our OBGYN. He was great, encouraging us along the way. After 6 months of failing to conceive he sent us to a fertility specialist. We received treatment for several months with no pregnancy. He diagnosed us with unexplained infertility issues. By this time it was getting close to the holidays and we decided to take a few months and enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas. And pray to see where God was leading us.
     In January 2006 we felt the calling to adopt. We contacted an agency and began the process. And what a long process that was. By January 2007 we were in the system and started monthly meetings to education us on adopting. We met monthly for 9 months. In August 2008, we were chosen by a young mother to adopt her newborn daughter. Looking at our daughter for the first time…we knew God was in it all along. 
     You see, we didn’t know her name. And she didn’t know the name we had chosen. But God showed up again…they share the same middle name. When Kherington was 10 months old, we decided to have Tracy become a stay at home mom and she left her career in the corporate world. When Kherington was 3 years old and started preschool; Tracy started consulting work part time during preschool hours only. She continues that consulting work today as a work from home mom while Kherington is in school. We have spent 8 wonderful years loving our daughter. She brings great joy to our lives, however, we all feel like a piece of our family is not complete. Kherington talks about wanting a brother or sister and we feel a strong calling to adopt again. We still have unexplained fertility issues with no pregnancy in 20 years of marriage. 
     Throughout all the struggles, God has not left our side. There has been unbelievable pain which God has used to draw us closer together and to Him. We have celebrated the joys and thank God for each one. We count our blessings when we look into our daughter’s eyes, and God has led us here because he has bigger and better things for our future.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”
— Jeremiah 29:11

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