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Meet Jeremie & Greta


Our Story

Hi, we’re Jeremie and Greta!

Our story began seventeen years ago while working at a summer camp, where we bonded over our shared passion for the outdoors and working with kids.  Friendship blossomed into love, and two years later, we married in a sweet, intimate ceremony, and then set out to conquer life as husband and wife.

We knew we wanted a big family, but were still young, and decided to focus first on establishing our careers and strengthening our relationship.  When the time finally came to start our family, things did not go as planned. Months of waiting, hoping, and praying turned into years.

While we’ve waited, we’ve built a good life together, with a happy, healthy home. We are surrounded by a close circle of family and friends, and our weekends are filled with so many fun activities – sporting events, fishing, and days at the beach, just to name a few! But, there has always been a piece of our hearts missing and someone absent from our adventures.

Adoption is something we discussed even before we married as a way we would grow our family regardless of how many children we have. We are so excited to finally begin this journey, and cannot wait to see what the future holds!

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