Meet Jason & Susie


Our Story

Jason and I met at a school where we both taught, and a friendship formed over the course of the school year. After we finally began dating, it became very evident to both of us that this relationship was different from any past relationship. We had both waited into our 30’s to marry, so felt a bit of urgency to quickly begin growing our family. Just a few short months after our wedding, we conceived. On our one year anniversary, we were only a few weeks away from meeting our son, Drew.  It was all so easy and effortless that we never anticipated having any complications with having another child.  

However, our story took a vastly different turn from our easy beginning. Initially, we were just really busy with new jobs and an infant that we didn’t rush into conceiving another child. We relocated when Drew was 1. Again, we were both settling into new jobs. Pregnancy, or the lack thereof, was attributed to job stress and busyness. But after we had been in our new home a year, we were ready to focus on having another child. We never anticipated where it would lead. We experienced three miscarriages in one calendar year. After the third, we just didn’t feel our hearts could take any more disappointment. We were devastated. A few months after grieving our last loss, we made the decision to begin pursuing adoption as a means to grow our family. Prior to getting married, we had discussed adoption and were in total agreement that this was always an option for both of us. Being in education, we have both taught students who have stolen our hearts and who, if needed a home, would have one. As teachers, it is so easy to understand how effortless it is to fully love a child who is not biologically yours. It’s like breathing. God has really made a way for us in this process. He has opened doors and spoken to our hearts in a way that is undeniable.  This was clearly the path we were meant to follow for our second child. We are excited to embark on this path to growing our family.

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