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Meet Jared & Hollie

Our Story

We are so thankful for the incredible privilege it is to one day become adoptive parents to a precious little one! Adoption has been a part of our hopes and dreams for our family since before we were married and we are humbled and honored that God would even call us to be a part of this incredible gift.

We chose adoption more than 15 years ago when a 15 year old Hollie told a 17 year old Jared that she was “going to adopt one day.” Since then, adoption has been a part of our conversations and plans.

The hope and driving force behind our desire to adopt domestically is that we will not only gain a beautiful little one as part of our family, but that we can love on and welcome a little one’s birth family into our lives as well.

We already love you and your little one more than you can imagine. We pray for your birth experience, that it may be empowering and that you may find strength in knowing you gave the gift of life to your precious baby. We pray for that sweet little one growing inside you, that they would one day know the Lord and walk with Him.

We loved becoming parents with our first son, but becoming parents to two has been absolutely amazing! We have so much fun living life with each other and really strive to be intentional as a family, taking the time to really soak in our boys’ childhood…we love being parents!! And we are so excited to continue expanding our family!

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