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Our Story

Hi! We're the Ruff family, and we are looking forward to getting to know you!

Nic and I met on July 3, 2002, through a mutual friend and were married on May 27, 2006. We have a strong, healthy marriage full of love, laughter, and grace. Nic is a certified public account at a manufacturing company, and I am blessed to be a stay at home mom. We are the proud parents of 5 amazing children – Nate (9), Bryson (6), Lucy (4), Everly (2), and Declan (in Heaven). We have an incredible support system of family, friends, and church-family. We live in a big, beautiful brick home in Irmo, SC, in an ethnically-diverse neighborhood full of young families with children, and we are incredibly blessed to be surrounded by caring and supportive neighbors who are not only friends but also like family to us.

We love the Lord, we love our family, and we love others. We are all a little quirky in our own awesomely unique ways, and we value our differences. Our life together is a beautiful, wonderful mess. With four children, our house is always a little noisy; our floors are usually covered in toys; and our laundry is rarely completely finished. In the meantime, our hearts are always full of love; our kids are always learning, playing, and making memories; and we are always looking forward to new adventures. We value time together as a family, and we have fun! We enjoy playing outside, hanging out with neighbors, jogging and/or walking together, playing sports, attending and serving together at church, snuggling up on the couch for family movie nights, and taking family trips.

While we are blessed to be able to love on 4 of the most amazing children on the planet every day, Nic and I both believe in our hearts that our family is not yet complete. Our interest in adoption began 9 years ago when we learned it would be difficult for us to conceive naturally. After 3 successful IVFs and one natural pregnancy, we thought our family was complete; however, God had different plans, and we became pregnant with our 5th child. We moved to a bigger home (on the most amazing street with the best neighbors), bought a second minivan, and began to lovingly decorate the nursery. On January 11, 2017, at 35 weeks pregnant, my uterus ruptured, causing my placenta to become detached. After an emergency c-section, we learned that our son, Declan, had been without oxygen for an unknown period of time in the womb and that this lack of oxygen had caused significant damage to his brain. We were able to love on Declan for 7 days until he went to be with Jesus on January 18, 2017. We trust that our time with Declan was a part of God's perfect plan for us, and we know in our hearts that His plan is far more beautiful than anything we could ever imagine. Although it was incredibly painful to say goodbye to Declan, we know that we will see him again in Heaven. After Declan's death, we revisited the topic of adoption and began praying about our next steps. We both know in our hearts that our family is not yet complete, and we believe God is calling us to pursue adoption. We are incredibly excited to move forward with our next steps, and we look forward to welcoming a child of any gender or ethnicity into our family.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us! We pray for you every single day and look forward to getting to know you soon!

The Ruff Family

Nic, Laurie, Nate, Bryson, Lucy, & Everly

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