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Meet James & Elizabeth


Our Story

From the beginning of our love story, we realized that we wanted to raise a family together. James and I knew adoption was our vision to grow our family. We are not able to have our own biological children; however, we do have five sweet fur babies! Because I work in a hospital, I am allowed to see the joys that come from adoption first hand. James and I truly believe that through this maze of life, with all its twists and turns, there is a predestined path. The two of us finding each other is proof of that, and adoption is part of that story.

We both have a deep desire to help children find happy, loving, and supportive homes. We want our children to know--without a doubt--that they are loved by us and by their birth mother. We promise to support, encourage, teach, and love our child. We will approach every day with open hearts and open minds. No matter what your decision is, we know you have the best interest of your child at heart, and we have the deepest respect for you.

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