Meet Frank & Kelly


Our Story

Hello! We are Frank and Kelly. Please know that we are praying for you and your baby during this time, and we are only wishing the best for you both!

We have wanted to be parents our entire lives, and we are so excited about this process. We know that our child is out there somewhere. We are hoping and praying that we find each other!

We have a very happy and fun-filled life, and we cannot wait to bring a baby into it! We want you to know that we are 100% committed to being parents. We are committed to providing a loving, safe, and nurturing home for our child to grow up in. We cannot wait to grow our family through adoption!

More than anything, we want you to know that your baby will be loved, always. Through all the ups and downs of raising a child, we promise to do our very best to raise him or her in a very nurturing and constructive environment. We also promise to encourage our child’s hopes and dreams and to provide the best education possible.

Most of all, our child will always know where they came from. We want him or her to understand that they were given to us as an act of love and tremendous sacrifice, precisely because they are so loved.


We met the old-fashioned way… on Match.com. Haha

After a couple weeks of emailing, texting, and talking, we had our first date on June 21, 2010 at a little restaurant called the Wine Cellar in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho. We were both as nervous as could be. I (Kelly) knew right then and there we were the perfect “match,” and I knew someday we would get married. We finally married on June 21, 2014 in our hometown.

We do just about everything together. We are truly one another’s best friends. We love our weekends together. Our weekend activities range from lazy weekends at home drinking coffee and making breakfast together to road trips, fishing/camping trips, and visiting friends and family. We love home projects and taking our dog, Angus, for walks.

Some of our yearly traditions include vacations to Cannon Beach, trips to Idaho and Montana, road trips to Portland and Seattle, and flying around the country seeing other family and friends. We love Mexico, and we hope to go back in the near future. Ireland and Australia are on the top of our list of places to travel. We are blessed with a wonderful group of friends and family, and they often keep us on the move.

We both love cooking and enjoy doing it together. We feel it’s very important to sit down and eat dinner together every night. We take a lot of pride in keeping our home. We try and share house work, both taking turns doing things inside and outside of our home.

We LOVE our home! We bought our dream home a little over two years ago. It is nestled in a neighborhood of about 200 homes in the middle of the rolling hills of the countryside. It’s nice to be out in the country but to also have the neighborhood community around us. Our neighborhood and neighbors are great. People are always out walking dogs and pushing strollers. We have six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and huge backyard that we are looking to do some landscaping to. We truly love our home, and we cannot wait to make it even more of a home with the addition of a son or daughter!

Our promise to our sweet sweet baby…

We promise to rock you to sleep every night and to only wrap you the softest swaddle blankets.  At bedtime, we will read to you, snuggle you, and sing you to sleep. We will take you with us everywhere we go, we will take a billion pictures of you every day, we will kiss your boo boo’s, and we will chase the monsters out from under your bed.  You will have many nicknames (because Frank has nicknames for everyone).  We will teach you to ride a bike, to roller skate, and bring you to the pumpkin patch every year (it’s one of my favorite places). We will dress you in the cutest, most ridiculous Halloween costume there ever was.

We will rake a huge pile of leaves in the fall and let you jump in them. We promise to keep Santa Clause alive and magical as long possible, and to fill your stocking full. We will take you sledding when it snows and drink hot chocolate with all your cousins. We will let you stay up and ring in the New Year with us banging on pots and pans.  We will pretend leprechauns showed up and left you gold on St. Patrick’s Day. We will fill your Easter basket with all your favorite things. We will have the coolest slumber party for your birthday every year.

We will bring you to Cannon Beach and eat clam chowder, saltwater taffy and roast s’mores on the beach. We will take you to the lake house on the Fourth of July to go boating, watch the fireworks, and eat cheeseburgers, pasta salad, and, of course, our family’s famous red, white, and blueberry cheesecake. We will go back to school shopping for all the coolest new clothes before school starts, have block parties with ice cream and snow cones, get you a trampoline and swing set in the backyard, run through the sprinklers with you on a hot day, and eat lots of watermelon.

We will make you Kraft macaroni and cheese because it so bad for you, but it just taste sooooo good. We will teach you to bake and have warm chocolate chip cookies ready for you when you get home from school. We will have pizza and watch movies every Friday night with lots of popcorn. We will make pancake breakfast on Sundays. We will go to all your school activities, and we will cheer for you at your sporting events or dance recitals. You will have the coolest playroom/basement that all your friends always want to come over to play in.

We will take you to many Gonzaga Basketball games (GO ZAGS) and to Montana to camp and fish. We promise to teach you wrong from right, to reward you for good report cards, to give you chores, to live like there is no tomorrow, and to be honest, kind, and thankful for all the things we have. We promise to help you navigate your way through the ups and downs of high school, to prepare you for your future, and to help you through college. We promise to do our best to find the perfect balance between being your parents and your friends. We promise you will always know where you came from, and you will know that you we’re given to us out of love and selflessness.

All of this sounds wonderful, right? We realize that life is not perfect. Life is unpredictable, and things don’t always go as planned. We are not perfect. We will not be perfect parents. Our main promise is this: We will ALWAYS do our best for you, we will strive to be perfect, and YOU WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED.  You will never have to wonder about that. We promise to do our best to provide you with the opportunity to be the absolute best that YOU can be. We promise to do our best to clear the path for you to be successful, whatever that may mean to you. We promise to do everything we can to help you develop and find your path to happiness. We are so excited, thankful, and grateful to be on this journey. We cannot wait to meet you!


Frank and Kelly



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