Meet Drew & Tara

Our Story

Hi there! We are Drew and Tara Young. We have been married for almost 6 years and are eager to grow our family through adoption!

We met each other in college back in 2007. Drew was taking classes to become a firefighter and Tara was going to school to become a teacher. Fall quarter we both signed up for Nutrition 101 and that is where Drew won Tara over with his corny jokes and sense of humor.

After a couple of years of dating we were engaged.On July 20, 2012 we got married in Sandpoint, ID. A week after we were married we moved to Juneau, Alaska where Drew worked for Capital City Fire Rescue and Tara was a Special Education Preschool Teacher.

A year later we returned home to Washington where we bought our first home in Bellingham. Now that we had a fenced backyard, we added a sweet rescue puppy to our family almost immediately after moving in. Drew began working as a firefighter and Tara became a kindergarten teacher. We are both currently in these same positions.

When we are not working, we are most likely completing house projects, spending time with family and friends (probably playing board games), kayaking and camping in the summer, going on walks and hikes, and/or visiting family at the lake house.

Going into our marriage we both knew that we would be unable to have children together. We knew that we wanted a family and we knew that one day our family would grow through adoption. We are hoping that "one day" comes soon. We are ready. We have been ready. We are home study approved.  Our family and friends who have children constantly tease us that our house is more childproof than theirs. For the hundredth time we have explained "It was for the home study! :) "

This wait has come with it's frustration at times but we are thankful for our faith and we trust that God has a beautiful plan for our family. We trust that His timing is better than ours and we believe that the wait will be worth it.

Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593