Meet David & Janice

Our Story


David and I met almost 20 years ago at a Young Life camp in Saranac, NY. We were both camp counselors for the high school camp. We each returned home to our respective lives, but kept in touch over the years. I was a director of a preschool in Baltimore, and David spent time in Australia working in the Army, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. When David returned from his deployment in 2010, I moved to Richmond because we were interested in living in the same city and pursuing a relationship. We were married in August of 2012.

We knew we wanted to start a family right away, and have always thought about adopting. We experienced infertility and used IVF to conceive our first son. We couldn’t imagine life without him. We knew we wanted to grow our family, but after several failed rounds of IVF, we were excited to explore adoption.

I have had the most amazing opportunity to be a surrogate for a friend in 2010. I was the gestational carrier, so the child carried my genetics. My friends, the parents who would be raising the baby, and I discussed that the baby would always know how he came to be. We believe with all our hearts that we will take the same approach with our adopted child. He or she will always know the story of how he/she joined our family.The journey of surrogacy has taught me about the most brave decision you will make as you choose adoption for your baby.

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