Meet Dave & Emily


Our Story

Adoption is something I (Emily) have always felt called to do. I was adopted, and I’ve always known that I wanted to give to a child in the same way my parents gave to me. Of course, I had my own ideas about when it would happen and how it would look, so after years of struggling to get pregnant I became more aware of the differences between God’s plans and ours. As difficult as they felt at the time we were going through them, we’re finally starting to see how His work is for our good.

In July 2015, about six months after Dave and I got married, I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited to grow our family and couldn’t believe it was happening so quickly! Eleven weeks in, though, we found out that this pregnancy would not last. Our baby was diagnosed with triploidy, a lethal chromosomal disorder in which the majority of cases lead to miscarriage. We experienced pregnancy loss around thirteen weeks, and since then have been unable to get pregnant, even after multiple fertility treatments. I was broken. Dave was lost. We felt defeated, confused, and angry.

Yet as painful as this was, it helped us to lean in to one another. Maybe we weren’t ready then. Maybe we still had some praying, preparing, and learning to do. But we’re so ready to grow our family now. We can’t wait to take our new son or daughter to cross country or track meets. We can’t wait to take him or her to dinner at Bunny and B-Pa’s house down the road, travel with him or her a few short hours to see Nana and Papa, or play with his or her three cousins (though I imagine once s/he comes into our lives, our families will do the traveling!).

Dave and I are opposites when it comes to many things: he’s extroverted and I’m introverted, he’s stoic and I’m emotional (I’m fighting back happy tears as I write this!), and he’s a math teacher while I’m an English professor. Yet we can both agree on one thing: we are ready to be a family. We can’t wait to grow through adoption and are beyond blessed that you’re looking at us as prospective adoptive parents!

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