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Meet Dante & Robynne    


Our Story

Hello! We are Dante and Robynne, a young couple who has been married for 8 years as of June 2017. Both originally from Maryland, we have lived in Mississippi, New Mexico, and currently Louisiana. Dante served in the United States Air Force for 6 years as an Air Traffic Controller and is now performing the same job for the Federal Aviation Administration. I am a teller at a local bank and have been in banking for 9 years.

We both love to travel and are very active people. We enjoy seeking out local activities to take part in, and on weekends, we can often be found supporting our favorite sports teams together.  I am an avid reader and can be very competitive when board games are brought out. Dante loves video games and enjoys visiting the gym and keeping fit. We both love children and have several friends and co-workers with young children to socialize with and whom we can go to for advice.  

We arrived at adoption after a lot of consideration. We initially struggled to accept that we weren’t going to be able to conceive, and that reality hit us very hard. After a family member adopted and we were able to see the process from beginning to end, it didn’t seem as scary an option. We have a lot of love to share with a child and truly look forward to parenting. Should we be fortunate enough to be entrusted with someone’s child, we will provide the best environment we can to help them learn and grow to the fullest!


Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593