Meet Dan & Stef


Our Story

To you whose love is bigger than yourself, our gratitude and respect. It is a beautiful sacrifice to allow your baby to have their best opportunities as they reach their potential in life.

We are Dan and Stef, and we hope you consider us when making this loving choice.

We can tell you that we will love and cherish the baby that God puts in our lives, and that his or her life will be full of laughter, adventures, and a big, loving family!

We love to travel, explore new places, and visit our families. We like biking down the lake, going to the beach, and we even have a pass to Universal Studios in Orlando to ride some roller coasters!

Dan loves sports, and he plays softball and golf. We like watching football and baseball together. We even went to a soccer game recently! I (Stef) love to dance (I guess it’s the Latina in me). Family time, especially during the holidays is precious to us, with big dinners, our nephews and nieces, and cousins running around. I'm a pediatrician and Dan works as a quality assurance auditor.

We ask that you give us a chance to get to know you, and we hope this is the beginning of an amazing lifetime of good memories to share!


Dan and Stef

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