Meet Colby & Stevie    


Our Story

Hi, we are Colby and Stevie! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We’ve known each other for some time but began dating in 2011, got married in 2013, and planned to grow our family shortly after our marriage as we both wanted children. After almost two years of trying to get pregnant, we began looking into fertility treatment options. We tried that for another year with no success, and it became harder and harder for us with every unsuccessful attempt.

We had discussed the idea of adoption, but thought that it was something we would look into as a way to grow our family after we had a biological child. While sitting in church around the time we were deciding whether to try more fertility treatments, the sermon that Sunday was on adoption. It was at that point we felt that maybe God had different plans for us. After that day, we decided to not pursue any additional fertility treatments and move forward with what we now know was God’s plan for us all along--adoption.

I (Stevie) have worked for the state of Missouri for the last five years. Working with families is something I am very passionate about. I am a lover of dogs and my friends call me the “crazy dog lady.” On the weekends, I enjoy volunteering to help transport dogs to a better life. I love singing in our church choir. My husband, Colby, is a CPA whose passion is to help small business owners start businesses and make them successful. He is also very involved with an organization that raises money for children’s charities. On the weekends, you can normally find him doing something outside or working on a home improvement project. As a couple, we enjoy spending time at the lake, watching movies, hanging out with our friends, and spending time with our niece and nephew. We are lucky to have family that lives close to us and supports us in our adoption journey.

We are so excited to one day have a little one running around to share our lives with. Most of our friends have children so we look forward to spending holidays and special events with our child, family, and friends. We can’t wait to have a child and share the love of Jesus with them as we are so grateful for all that He has done for us!

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