Meet Clint & Marci


Our Story

Our story is one of love, just as your journey to this point of decision is one of love! We are Marci and Clint. We fell for one another over coffee. Fate had us both skeptical of ever finding a partner through online dating, and we were both reluctant to go on just “one more” date through We are still amazed when we realized that it was God’s plan that prompted us to just give it one more try. We are both so happy that we did! Many cups of coffee later, we are praying God blesses us once again and that His next plan is growing our family to share love with a child.

I (Marci) am originally from the Czech Republic, where I was a teacher. I moved to the United States 12 years ago and worked as a nanny until I could accomplish my goal of starting my own business. I quickly became a Reese Witherspoon fan as I watched the movie Sweet Home Alabama over and over to perfect my English! I enjoy the outdoors, yoga, country music, and a natural lifestyle—using organic and healthy alternatives as much as possible. Baking traditional Czech pastries and sweets for my friends and family is a passion for me, and it has recently turned into a small business. Balancing work and family life is much easier now because my bakery and office are both in our new home.

Clint is also able to work from home as a Vice President at Wells Fargo, and he manages his team remotely. His job has terrific benefits, allowing for no concerns about supporting a family. Clint supports my business, especially as a taste tester! Like me, Clint enjoys cooking, but not baking. Dinner created by Clint along with dessert made by me leads to many delicious meals with friends and family! Clint’s other hobbies include playing guitar, enjoying country music, mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying most all outdoor activities. Attending church together and worshiping with other families is a wonderful highlight in our weekly routine.

Our new house we designed and built in early 2017, always with the intention of filling it with the sounds of happy children. We have never stopped creating a home meant for a family and have absolute faith in our destiny as parents. Through thoughtful prayer, we have a peaceful understanding of God’s will and His intent for us to become loving parents through adoption.

Thank you so much for reading our story. If you have any questions or would like to know more about us, please contact us as we would love to talk to you!

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