Meet Chris & Melissa


Our Story

Currently a family of 4 with an energetic dog in tow, we (Chris and Melissa) have been married since September 2008. Our faith in Jesus Christ is central to how we raise our family. We are passionate about Seattle, which is where we worship Jesus, live, play, work and do life. We are an adventurous family, and we enjoy being outdoors, traveling, listening to live music. Our weekends are almost always full of friends and family, running, bike rides and exploring our city!

Since the beginning of our marriage, we’ve discussed the idea of adoption, whether we could have biological children or not. Not only does adoption run in our families -- Chris comes from a family of 4 children, with an older brother adopted from birth and a younger sister whom they began fostering at around 4 months old, officially adopting her 2 years later. Additionally, Melissa's mother was born in China and adopted into a Thai family. For our family, this is how we felt called to live out the Gospel. Jesus, who was also adopted by his earthly father, adopts us into his family and eternal kingdom by faith through grace.

After 2 years of marriage, we decided to grow our family. We started with a puppy named Reese’s the Pupster. Our first “baby” is still very much a part of our family. In October 2012, we welcomed our first son, Jackson. Then in June 2014, we welcomed our second son, Harrison. Almost a year after Harrison was born, we knew our family was not finished. We realized God was calling us to begin the adoption process. In May 2015, we began the process. Our home study was completed in December 2015. Then began the waiting. We originally decided to pursue private adoption, committing to this route for a year. After a long year of trusting in God’s timing, we were introduced to Quiver Full Adoptions in early 2017. After speaking with Quiver Full in March 2017, we realized their values aligned with how we want to pursue our adoption. The added benefit of them becoming an agency in 2017 is that they now walk through the adoption process with the expectant mother as well. This was heavy on our hearts going through a private adoption. Now, 2 years after beginning the process, we are excited to see how God uses this next season to grow our family!

Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593