Meet Chip & Jessica


Our Story

Chip and I met in our mid 20s. I (Jessica) grew up attending church, was present for every function, it was my second family, but during college I was not a frequent attender. I was coming to the end of graduate school when I plugged back into my childhood church, where my parents still attend. During this time Chip’s dad had encouraged him to meet new people. That is when we met on a Sunday morning. We were engaged after 6 months of dating and married a little over a year later, in the spring, at the church I grew up in and we met at. Our ceremony was a joyous occasion and about the covenant we were making with God and each other. This was the beginning of our foundation built on a faith in Christ.

After a few years of marriage we wanted to start a family. Many months of trying on our own with no success, we decided to seek medical assistance. At this time we learned we are faced with challenges. After several years of battling infertility, numerous treatments and procedures our hearts were uneasy pursuing the next step, IVF. With much prayer God began to reveal His plan to us for our family. We were always open to adoption, but never discussed it to any depth. We began doing research and read a lot about adoption. We prayed wondering why God would give our hearts the desire to have children and not fulfill it. It was at this time God made it clear about pursuing adoption, taking away all doubts and hesitations. God began to grow our future child in our hearts as he brought James 1:17 to our minds. “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” We are trusting God as He grows our family in a special way.

We know God led us to Quiver Full Adoptions and He continues to confirm this is His plan for us. We eagerly await the chance to welcome a little blessing into our loving family.

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