Meet Brody & Lesa


Our Story

Hi! We're Brody and Lesa!

We met in our early twenties on MSN messenger, and we haven’t stopped chatting since. We were married in 2012, and we have really grown together over the years through the good, the bad, and the in between. We’ve longed to have children for a while, and eventually began to realize that God was calling us to forgo any possible infertility treatments and adopt.

We both have full time jobs but consider ourselves to have a good work-life balance. Brody works as an electrician and I, Lesa, work in government finance. Outside of work, we like to spend time with our families and our adorable nieces and nephews, travel, go outdoors, cook, watch movies, and work on home projects.

Our journey to adoption has been embraced and supported by our loving family, friends, church and community. All of our family lives relatively close to us, and they are very excited to have another baby to love! We are fully devoted to loving and nurturing a child and providing them with a safe, secure environment to grow up in. We eagerly wait for the day that we get to start making memory after memory as a family. We know that while there will be great joy on our end when we become parents, there will be pain that can only come from the great love and sacrifice of a first mama. We promise to raise our child to know a beautiful story of love, the story of their first mama.

Email our agency below or text/call them at 864-334-8593