Meet Brent & Heather


Our Story

Hello, we are Brent & Heather!

We live a laughter-filled, happy life in Michigan. Though we are far from perfect, we have been blessed with a wonderful marriage, a beautiful home, stable careers, and the best family and friends in the world. We met and fell in love in 2011. Our connection was instant as we are both educators and share many hobbies and passions. After spending two and a half years getting to know one another, going on adventures, and growing to be best friends, we were married on a beautiful, fall day in October 2013. We believe strongly in the vows we made that day and are committed to a lifelong, happy marriage.

Since our wedding day, we have purchased our dream home and have focused on growing our family. Our infertility diagnosis helped strengthen our marriage as we learned the importance of open, honest communication and unconditional love through difficult times. Infertility also brought us to adoption, which we believe is an even better, more beautiful plan than we could have ever imagined for our family. It is the best thing to ever happen to us because adoption brought us our precious daughter, Willa. We are grateful adoption is part of our story and are so excited to continue building our family through this beautiful gift! Our hearts are exploding with love to give another child and we can't wait to meet the birth mother and baby who will help make our dreams come true!

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