Meet Blake & Heather

Our Story

Hi, We’re Heather & Blake!

We met back in 2012 at a gym, Blake was playing basketball and Heather was running on the treadmill when they first noticed each other, as soon as Blakes game ended he ran up to Heather to introduce himself. And that was it!  We have been together ever since. Blake finally decided to pop the question to Heather in 2016 in Charleston, SC while on vacation! Then we made it official on October 6, 2017 with lots of friends and family present to celebrate.  Such an incredible night!

 It was very early on in our relationship (about 6 months) when we discovered we would not be able to have biological children.  It was tough at first, but our hearts automatically went straight to adoption, there was no hesitation. Both of us and our families have been so excited about adoption since 2012 and we are so excited to finally begin the journey!  

We recently moved to a small country town in North Carolina, where both of our families are close by. We have a lot of support from our families as both sides are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new grandchild/niece or nephew!  Both of us are in the field of sales, which allows us to have flexible schedules and great work life balance that allows us to enjoy our weekends and spare time doing things we love, such as concerts, sporting events, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and anything active.

We are so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to see the path that God has in store for us!

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