Meet BJ & Carissa


Our Story

There’s a longing growing deep in our souls to grow our little family and share the love that we have with a child. In a world already filled with precious children who need families, nothing makes more sense to us than adoption.

Our love story began with two incredible families, on two continents, in two beautifully different cultures. BJ was born and grew up in gorgeous rural Brazil, where he climbed mango trees, played soccer barefoot in the rain, learned Portuguese from his Brazilian friends, and gained a deep appreciation for diversity in culture, language and community. Carissa, born and raised in the stunning lake county of the Midwest in a community of international students, shares BJ’s passion for diverse community, travel, exploration and celebration of cultures. Our marriage is one truly built on friendship, and we love nothing more than traveling the world and exploring God’s beautiful creation together. Whether we are hiking with our dog, Harley, camping in the North woods of the Midwest, backpacking in South America or jetting across the Atlantic, we dream of the day when our adventures will include a child’s fresh eyes and vivid imagination.

We can’t wait to teach them everything from how to kick a soccer ball or dance in the rain to the importance of a curious mind, a good appreciation for books and a love of learning. We’ll share with them about the rich cultural heritage of Carissa’s Jewish family and how it is a part of our faith in Jesus our Messiah. They’ll experience both Church on Sunday morning and worship in Saturday synagogue services. Together we’ll explore their own story before they came to us, and discover the beautiful depth of their history, so that they always love their story best. And with the rich threads of their own history, culture and unique personality, we’ll weave another intricate design into the colorful tapestry of our family.  

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