Meet Ben & Mary


Our Story

Ben and I met in college and the fact that we are both from large families is one of the first things we shared with one another. Ben is one of five children, four boys and one girl. I am one of four girls. We got married right after college and spent the first 8 years of marriage moving a few times, transitioning careers, getting more education, and getting to know one another better. In 2013, we were very excited to give birth to our daughter, Bonnie. We, however, were not prepared for the pregnancy-related health issues this brought to my body. Thankfully, Bonnie was healthy and growing, but I spent the first week of Bonnie’s life back in the hospital. We are forever grateful for the doctors and nurses that cared for us.  The risk for recurrence in additional pregnancies and increase in severity of the issue is the reason we have chosen not to carry another child. But, we hold room in our hearts for whoever joins our family! We have so much more love to give, and we’re thrilled about the opportunity to grow our family through adoption!

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