Meet Ben & Danielle


Our Story

Hello, we are Ben and Dani! Our family is built on our love, faith, trust, and hope in Christ. Looking back, it’s obvious that God meant for us to be together. Ben and I were introduced by a mutual friend over summer break. We had both initially agreed that we would just be summer sweethearts, but neither of us wanted it to actually end. Ben was attending college in another state, and a long distance relationship seemed pretty difficult. However, when it came time to go our separate ways, we took a leap and decided to remain faithful to one another—we agreed to continue to be in a relationship despite the long distance between us.

After a year apart and many, many hours on the phone, Ben decided to transfer back to our home state to be closer to me. We dated for four years before he asked me to be his wife. The two of us were eager to begin our lives together. We were married while I was still attending nursing school, and it wasn’t long after that we decided to start our family. I was actually pregnant with our first child while completing my degree! After both of our children were born prematurely and spent significant time in the hospital, we decided together that if we wanted to continue to grow our family, it would be through adoption. This had always been a desire for us because we believe that we can provide a loving home to another child.

Ben works in the trucking industry as a parts sales representative and manager, and I am a nurse. As a nurse, my flexible schedule allows me to be extremely active in our children’s lives. I’m able to spend time volunteering at our children’s school and host a weekly Bible study in our home for other moms. Ben enjoys playing sports, grilling out with our family, reading stories with our children, and all the things that go along with being a father and a husband.

As a family, we love to travel to the mountains, anywhere with water, and Disney World. We also love playing outside, playing games, serving in our church, and swimming in our pool during the summers with family and friends. Our boys have given us more joy than we could ever have imagined. We cannot wait to see how God uses this journey to bring even more joy into our lives through this gift of adoption and the opportunity to grow our family.

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