Meet Andrew & Xochitl



Our Story

Hi there! We are Xochitl (So-cheel) and Andrew! We are very excited to be starting our adoption journey. We really believe everything happens for a reason. As we have not been able to conceive due to fertility issues, adoption has been something we have always talked about. We knew that adoption was always meant to be a part of our lives as we  grow our family, and we are looking forward to becoming parents. We would love to tell you a little bit more about ourselves.

We met in May of 2009 at a friend’s barbeque in Tacoma, WA. We have been happily together since then, and we have been married for 3 years. I (Xochitl) have one amazing biological son, Anthony, who is now 25 years old. He lives and works in San Francisco, CA. I work as an account executive for a travel management company which allows me to work from home while also providing nice perks to travel to some amazing places.

Although Andrew treats Anthony as his own, I'm excited and thrilled to see him experience fatherhood from the beginning. Andrew is an Air Force veteran. He was in the Air Force for 6 years, stationed in Japan for 2 of those years. After the military, he continued to work in aerospace, building spaceships. He now works as an aerospace lead for a large company.

We live in a friendly mountain town on the western side of the country. One of our favorite things about where we live is that we experience all four seasons here, sometimes all in one day. We are also only a few hours from popular tourist destinations. It’s a wonderful, safe town to raise a family with many children friendly festivals and activities.

The thing we love to do most is travel. We have family in San Francisco, Utah, Mexico, and Vietnam so those places are much more frequent traveling for us. However, we also like to travel to new countries and experience the adventures they hold first-hand. We love to hike and go to beaches, lakes, camping, music festivals, and art festivals. We also love animals (we have 3 dogs and one cat), volunteering, exploring, arts and crafts, and learning new things. We are both very goofy and funny; we smile and laugh a lot!

We hope that this glimpse into our lives will be helpful in your decision in selecting us as your child's adoptive parents. Should your heart take you in our direction as an adoptive family, we hope that you find comfort in knowing that this child will live and grow up with happiness and joy.


Andrew and Xochitl

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